becoming 2

New pictures are being added daily :)

We celebrated Mr B’s birthday today when his family came over to share cupcakes and watch him open his gifts.  He got a remote control car, a truck that makes lots of n.o.i.s.e  [ I had forgotten how noisy toys can be  ]  and some pretty balls…..we each had a cupcake, and a scoop of ice cream after we sang Happy Birthday and watched him blow out the candles [ at least 4 times….he kept blowing them out before his mom had both lit ], watched him do the Hokie Pokie with PaPa and his mommy, and then played for about 45 minutes….when he promptly packed up his toys and left to get a nap!

I might add a few more here later….it’s been a full day.

  • Stacey - I can’t believe he is 2!! I love the composition of the main shot, and the one of the balloons in the room. Happy day!!ReplyCancel

  • debi - Stacey….
    thanks….I can hardly believe it myself…and that he’s going to be a big brother too!ReplyCancel

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