dave and lauren ashleigh

My whole family traveled to South Carolina this weekend to celebrate my nephew, David’s marriage to Lauren Ashleigh.  The wedding was beautiful…the reception lots of fun.  I am so very blessed to have a close family…..I enjoy every member!

This post is picture HEAVY….and I have  a “few” more….so CHECK BACK now and then…..I just had to stop editing so I could get some sleep ;0

Oh…and sorry they aren’t in any logical order… program just loads them randomly, for some reason.

One other thing…..I was not the wedding photog…I’m just a hobbiest, so, for those of you who may be looking who aren’t family….. what you see here was just for fun….can’t wait to see the photographer’s pics :)

Just click on the first thumbnail below and then you can click through the others with the arrow on the right hand side.




  • cindy - Debi,
    Your pictures are GREAT, as always. What fun it was remembering the day of celebration. Thanks.

    Love ya,

  • Stacey - Dear Debi,
    Please tell me you are okay in cyberspace! I couldn’t get to your other account. I am SOOOOO sorry about the hacker, and I do hope you have not received any trouble from them. Thank you for caring enough to want to help, but thank you SO much for being suspicious!!! I do have that account and another back now, and am working on one more still. I am so sorry if this has caused you any problems!!!!


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