and then there were 4|fort lauderdale family photographer

I always love this family’s photos, and I love shooting at Riverfront! What a delightful combination! We go way back to when it was just Matt and Erika, and then Matt and Erika and a little boy, and now it’s Matt, Erika, the little boy, and lil sis! Are they just the cutest little family?

mb-8C1A8768 cotton candy

mb-8C1A8607-2-tryst grain 2

mb-8C1A8543 kj 2 final
mb-8C1A8669 honesuckle

mb-2- cotton candy-kj mb-8C1A8793 less red kj

mb-8C1A8670 copy 2

mb-8C1A8759-cotton candy


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