It has been such a treat to spend time getting ready for Thanksgiving with Leah today. That sweet girl took the day off just to spend time helping me. We have had a delightful day together preparing not only our home and food for tomorrow’s feast but also our hearts, as we read Psalm 25 together and shared our thoughts and then read the introduction to Ann’s new advent book The Greatest Gift…a true feast for the soul!  I am looking forward to reading the daily devotionals together in the days leading up to Christmas! If you happen to be stopping by here sometime this weekend….have a blessed Thanksgiving as you remember just what you have been given! And if you read The Greatest Gift, you will truly know just what that is!!

I have completed exactly half of the fifty photos I attempted to take for my project 50 this year. Oh well…there’s always next year! Snapped this when Miss M and her brothers came for a visit last week! Sitting on the couch with her baby tucked in the blanket in the corner. She’s growing up…getting ready for that new little sibling to arrive!

This is my lovely niece, Allison….lovely in so many ways!  It was so much to work with her, and while editing her pictures I loved seeing bits and pieces of her mom and aunts…one’s smile, another’s eyes, another’s coloring etc…
Part of the beauty that she emanates is the discipline of her life. The gracefulness of her dance requires it!  One of her dreams is to dance with the Rockettes, and she has been chosen to be a part of their summer camp program this year!! Best wishes to someone who deserves it!

Today is my parents’ anniversary
and, although my dad lives in Heaven now,
it is still a day for celebration.
I can’t believe God gifted me with the parents
I have.
As a young girl my mom was spunky.
She once wrote her name in the wet paint
of a car my dad owned.
He got mad –didn’t speak to her for months.
I guess he just couldn’t get her out of his mind,
because when my uncle mentioned reconciliation,
he jumped at the chance.
I’m glad he did!
They are two amazing people
who made an amazing couple
–made themselves available to the Lord
to be used for His glory!
I took this picture in 2007.
Somehow, that day, as I snapped this picture, I knew their earthly union would soon come to and end.
My dad passed away in 2009,
but the legacy of their union
goes on and on
and hardly a day goes by
that I am not reminded
of just how blessed
I am.

  • Mary Alice - Debi, this is such a sweet, beautiful picture! I loved seeing the example they set for other couples to follow. They had a truly beautiful marriage. I too feel blessed to have witnessed at least some of it.ReplyCancel